2013 is shaping up to be a very busy year for the beautiful and multi-talented GoldStarr recording artist Bo Benton as she prepares to launch her new highly anticipated album 'THE UNDERGROUND COLLECTION' with the first single launching this May.

2012 flew by with a reality web series, the hot single 'INTIMIDATED' reaching Top 100 on the Urban & Rhythmic Charts with over 1 Million views on YouTube, as well as the launch of her merch site.

The 5'10" stunner is building her empire on solid ground, taking on new ventures and putting her mark on the music industry in a fresh, creative, and lasting way, building a loyal fan base as she continuously creates original music.

This go-getter kicked off her new merch site, stocked with calendars, T-Shirts, dog tags, hats, posters, and of course, music and music videos that many fans enjoy purchasing and look to have more of from Bo.

Although this multi-talented artist is a young woman, her worldliness has allowed her to be exposed to what others may not experience in their lifetimes. Being raised in Chicago, living abroad in Europe and Asia, and working a tripled career as a model, actress and singer, Bo has acquired a well-rounded persona that has taken her from the South Side of Chicago to the streets and palaces of Paris, London, Tokyo, Moscow, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Rio, Hong Kong, Berlin and beyond. “Living in Chicago enriched my life in many ways and has given me an appreciation of music, art and culture on many levels, enabling me to connect with so many different types of people in the world,” says Bo.

As she continues to grow in her career, Bo wants her fans to be there with her through the thick and thin and use her brand and music as a bond that she foresees will last forever.

Having an opera singer for a grandmother, a pianist for a mother, and a bass player for a father, Bo has known that music is a part of her DNA and that she has been destined to become a musician. For the last few months, Bo has been in the studios working on the tracks for her second album 'THE UNDERGROUND COLLECTION' and her new singles are shaping up nicely says Bo. “How to Get Man” is marked to be the female anthem of 2013, telling girls and women alike “the easy route to get the man of your choice is simply let him come to you, and in the meantime, do what you do.” With over a million views on YouTube "Intimidated" has already started making noise in the club scene in LA, Miami, Las Vegas, & NYC and is destine to be a club favorite worldwide and a favorite for "hot chicks in control,” says Bo.

“'I-Phone' is a concept song that affects everyone because in this digital day and age, even people that live in the rainforest stay connected through their mobile devices,” says Bo. I-Phone has a driving cinematic hip-hop beat that was produced by Bo and Lil' Ronnie Jackson. It is a song Djs love and has been downloaded and favorited heavily on

When it comes to the Digital Age, Bo is not only talking about, she is about it! Constantly staying connected to her tens of thousands of FaceBook and Twitter fans daily with updates, antidotes, poetry, videos, and music, she gives her fans a well rounded view of who she is as an artist and woman.

Another way Bo has connect with her fans, is through the launched of The Bo Benton Club Tour web series now available on her YouTube channel at

With hundreds of thousands of Youtube views, the webisodes goes behind-the-scenes as this CEO of her own record label, Goldstarr Entertainment, balances her roles as an entrepreneur and an entertainer. This 7-part series displays the good, bad and ugly of the music business as it shadows the Indy pop sensation as she traveled through Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and other major cities across the nation to promote 'Queen of the Night', her debut album distributed by Bungalo/Universal. The singer, producer and songwriter reveals the challenges of managing the independent label that she started in 2007 after deciding she wanted full control of the creative direction of her music, career, and life.

“Few new artists have come in with the kind of firepower Bo Benton is packing,” says Smooth Magazine. “Posed as the next Don Diva, daring enough to step outside the box,” reveals BRE Magazine. “A soulful serious, career minded woman with somewhat naughty, 'alternate musical personality,” gabs Black Men Magazine.

Not afraid to roll up her sleeves and ride the waves of an ever changing music industry, this savvy businesswoman and artist has proven that she has more than a pretty face and a great body, she is engulfed with intelligence, creativity, and charm, using her smitten personality to collaborate with some of today's hottest musicians, producers, and corporate business minds.In her most recent radio release "Handle This", a remix produced by Grammy Award Winner Bangladesh. Bangladesh (Beyonce. Lil' Wayne, Ludacris) and Bo worked together to give a new sound to the track she originally produced with Lil' Ronnie on her Queen of the Night album. The remix version jumped as high as #31 in the Mediabase greatest gainers chart behind Jay Z's “Young Forever featuring Mr. Hudson”, surpassing radio spins averagely obtained by indie labels. Currently available for download on Itunes, Bo knew this song would elevate her career and grab attention because of the talent and chemistry her team brought to the table. “From the beat to the sultry lyrical sound and adding a little hip hop edge, we captured all the ingredients needed to make this a stand out track,” says Bo.

Bo reveals she grew up listening to a wide range of music that artists today continue to emulate from legendary soul artists to stadium rockers over to hip-hop renegades, great jazz masters, classical opera giants and southern blues musicians. In 'Queen of the Night', Bo infused many different styles of music. She wanted to create a CD that reflects the new generation of music lovers. On the album if one song doesn’t grab you, she is sure to have another song that will. “In this age of iTunes and iPods, everyone listens to everything. Why should we allow record labels to put us in a box when in reality most music lovers love it all! You can listen to the album from start to finish without the songs sounding the same, or having to skip songs because of the harmonic blending of many musical styles.” says Bo.

The album includes such singles as “I Know U Want It”, an ode to the beautiful intelligent woman, with an urban pop feel. “Queen of the Night”, what Bo has called her woman's empowerment anthem, is reminiscent of a modern day Pat Benatar, and “Comfort Me”, a ballad that showcases a gentler side of Bo vocal and writing skill proves that she is an angel indeed. Bo joined forces with music veterans and hot newcomers alike on her debut album. From Producers Jason Edmonds (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston) and Lil' Ronnie (Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Ruben Studdard) to collaborations with Pusher Deville, Raekwon of the WuTang Clan and Too $hort, Bo easily blends the driving sound of hip-hop with evocative lyrics and catchy hooks creating unforgettable pop hits.

This Leo is constantly at work shaping the sounds of tomorrow, building her company's legacy and lionizing her place in the music industry. She says, “My love of music has shaped every step of my life and the foundation of my organization is based on this passion. I envision GoldStarr as an indie label that will one day be the home to a variety of very talented artists.”

Expect more from this dynamic diva for many years to come!

“Queen of the Night”, “Handle This Bangladesh Remix”, “Monster”, “Intimidated”, “How to Get A Man”, “I- Phone”,"Comfort Me" and many other sensational tracks by Bo are now available on iTunes.

Written by: Claudia Wright 2013 GSE